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The who and the why

I was originally born in East Germany in a very small town. I spent the first 12 years of my life enjoying my childhood in the communist block. As a child, most of the political things don’t phase you and we spent our days hanging out with our friends loving our worry-free life. In 1984 we uprooted and moved to a small town in Texas where my grandparents lived. Being 12 years old this time of my life was very exciting and it felt like a giant adventure.

As I started getting older I would miss a lot of the cool things I remember from Germany. Many of the foods, drinks and festive things. I am very fortunate to have a Mom that can cook amazingly especially when it comes to German food. Our holidays were always kept traditional. We kept up with Nikolaus, lit a candle every Sunday before Christmas and gathered with the family for coffee and cake. Over time I started finding places where I would get my German fix while not visiting my parents and that is where this all started. I wanted to share my findings and my passions for all things German. I hope you enjoy having a place to easily find thinks in your area and hope that you will be inspired to share some things you have found that I have not listed yet.

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