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Prior to European settlement in the region now known as Cullman County, Alabama, it was already the site of quite a few historically significant events. The region was part of a Native American relocation route during the American Indian Wars and also the site of a minor Civil War battle. However, in the early 1870s, a German immigrant sought to create his own history in the region – a history that would include a few less battles and a few more brats. The native Bavarian, Colonel John G. Cullmann founded Cullman, Alabama in 1873, which would attract over 10,000 German immigrants. Due to the large German population in the town, German continued to be the main language spoken up until the 20th century and the town would refer to themselves as “Die Deutsche Kolonie von Nord Alabama.” The German immigrants left such a mark on the state’s history that in 1984, 27 blocks in downtown Cullman were added to the National Register of Historic Places and named after the colony.

The town of Cullman still celebrates its German heritage today by hosting an Oktoberfest during the first week of October each year. This event provides guests the opportunity to taste authentic German food, hear live music, experience a classic German car show, partake in a bratwurst-eating contest, dance in the Burgermeister Ball, and go on historical tours. This Oktoberfest offers much more than just a Biergarten, but it is a family event that offers something for everyone. The Cullman Oktoberfest emulates in many ways the family-friendly and community-centric atmosphere that Colonel Cullmann sought to create when founding the town over a century ago.

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