I have been contacted by many people telling me they don’t have a German grocery store anywhere close to where they live and they wished there was an alternative.

Well, there is but it is a bit more expensive since you have to add in shipping and handling for the German bread.

You may be surprised but Amazon has one vendor that actually sells German Bread and German Kaiser Rolls. I have not purchased any as of yet but am going to try and review them for everyone.

Here are the products they offer and I am sure everyone will find something they love:

Most of us Germans are willing to pay the extra cost in shipping to enjoy this type of bread every now and then. My suggestion is to always order several of these and put them in the freezer. This way the shipping cost is spread out over several loaves and it is not as expensive.

As soon as we get our shipment we will do a review on the quality and flavor of the Bread and Rolls.