German Bread

If you have been living in the United States for a while you have surely come to miss some of the many small things we take for granted in Germany.

The difference in bread is one of the things you quickly will learn to miss. If you are lucky to find a German store anywhere close to you that carries bread, you will find it pre-packaged and pre-sliced. Don’t get me wrong, at this point, you will already be happy and will love every slice. Unfortunately, It is still nowhere near the fresh bread a baker in Germany carries.

In my search for German food and groceries, I decided to take a bit of a different approach and look for other European stores since most of the cultures have a lot of similarities.

I noticed that in the area I live in now has a very large Russian community and that they have several stores. I visited a couple of them and luckily stumbled upon one of them that actually had fresh bread lying in shelves warm and smelling as wonderful as I was used to in the past. After bagging up 3 of them it was time to rush home to get them sliced and see if they taste as good as they smell.

It was amazing! This was a lucky find and shows that my search should not only be centered around German things.

German Bread Sliced

I ended up freezing 2 of them and put the slices frozen in the toaster and they taste fresh each time.

In many areas, you will not find anything at all and I also have a solution that worked well for me in the past. I baked it myself. Yes, I found a fairly easy way that makes a good loaf and does not take forever. You can order the ingredients online and whip up a loaf in no time.

Stay tuned for the next post where I show how you can still get a fresh loaf with a bit of work.

Author: Sven M