One of the things we find ourselves missing on a regular basis is fresh Brötchen.

In Germany, bakeries can be found on many corners that have them freshly baked daily. Here in the USA, it is much harder to find any bakery that offers traditional German bread.

So we ended up on a quest to figure out how to bake our own Brötchen. This is our first attempt. Although they look a bit funny they turned out very yummy. Just like the ones we used to get in Germany.

The process takes quite some time and you should plan about 2 hours from the start until you get to enjoy the first bite. We are working on an easier version that works in combination with a bread backing machine for the dough-making process but for now, enjoy and let us know how yours turned out if you decide to try and make these.

Here are the ingredients:

300 ml water
1 pkg dry yeast (1/4 oz)
for best results use Red Star, Yeast Instant – found here:
500 g flour
8 g salt
4 g malt – found here:
1 pinch of sugar

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