Traditional Christmas Foods

The tradition that most Germans really look forward to is the Christmas dinner.  There is usually a duck, goose, rabbit, or a roast. Side dishes include apple and sausage stuffing, red cabbage, and potato dumplings.  But as most children will vouch, the best part is the desserts.

Dresdner Stollen is found in many markets and is one of the favorites of the Germans. This cake-like pastry is made with nuts and fruit but it is nothing like our fruit cake.  The cake is shaped almost like a baby wrapped in swaddling clothing, symbolizing the baby Jesus.

There are more food items that are popular at Christmas time in Germany. These include Lebkuchen—gingerbread, chocolate Santas, PlätzchenChristmas cookies. If they don’t have enough time to bake, these items can be found at markets or grocery stores.

The United States has learned so much about how to celebrate Christmas from our German ancestors. Many of these customs discussed have been adapted by our families and passed down from generations and still are a big part of our American Christmas.  Germany, Danke Schön!!