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  • 2 Reviews on “Doner Box”

    • Vaness Vu
      5 years ago

      Hello – this is a respond to Sven M’s feedback. The website is somehow not allowing me to respond to the comment directly so I had to post a separate ‘review’.

      Hi Sven,

      My name is Vaness and I’m the owner of Doner Box. First of all, thank you so much for coming and taking time to make an awesome video of our new restaurant. We always strive to deliver the freshest ingredients to our customers. We even marinate our chicken with spices that we bring all the way from Germany since we haven’t been able to find anything as good here in the US. As for carving the meat, we freshly cut the meat ahead of lunch and dinner time because of different food handling requirements in Seattle. In Germany, or in Europe in general, you get the meat freshly sliced straight into the sandwich. Here, however, we are not allowed to do that because we are required to cut the meat down, grill it for 15 seconds and move it to the hot holding pan to ensure the meat is properly cooked. That is also why we have to cut the meat little thicker to keep it moist. Usually if you come during our dinner time, you might not see any spits due to the reasons above. I wanted to explain that to avoid any possible future disappointments. We appreciate your feedback very much!

      1. Sven M 5 years ago

        Hello Vaness,

        thanks for taking the time to explain why the meat is being pre-cut. This is something I was not aware of and taking this into consideration changed the rating to a 5 star. Thanks, and we’ll be back soon for some delicious Doner.


    • Sven M
      5 years ago

      Doner Box just had their grand opening and we had to go try. We had been let down in the past by the other Doner place in Seattle that does not even come close to what a German would expect of a Berlin Doner. So we didn’t go with too much high hopes. I have to say we were very surprised. The place was very clean which is a given since they just opened and we’ll have to return to judge this as time goes by. This place has two rotating spits of meat going and they were carving fresh meat right in front of us. The Doner was a good size and was filled all the way. The flavor was very close to the original. I felt a bit of cabbage was missing but that may just be me. What I also noticed is that they continued to keep carving meat even though there were not that many people buying while we were there. I am hoping that they were just preparing for the dinner rush and not just letting it sit forever. You can always tell when places do this, it tastes different than freshly cut. Pricing is in the range of what you would expect downtown Seattle. We paid a little bit over $20 for 2 Doner, a yogurt drink and a beer. We’ll definitely keep coming back and will report if something changes on our rating.

      1. Sven M 5 years ago

        UPDATE: 11/18/2019 We updated our rating to an all 5 star after hearing from the owner why they have to keep cutting the meat. This is done because of food regulations in Seattle and is a requirement. Since this is not something that they can change we felt it was appropriate to change the rating. Thanks for the quick response to our review Vaness@Doner Box.

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