Mobile, Alabama

As mentioned before, the site of the first American Carnival was in Mobile, Alabama. There are several events held two weeks prior to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  There are always marching bands, with dancers and performers in the streets of this town during this time. This is also a very family-friendly celebration.

They used to throw Cracker Jacks from the floats to the children, but they changed their treat to Moon Pies because they were softer than the hard boxes of Cracker Jacks.  The activities are similar to all the other Carnivals, of course, as it was held here first. This city has a museum that contains artifacts and stories about the history of Carnival here in the US. You can “visit” the museum at this website:  Take a virtual tour and enjoy!

Galveston, Texas

Another city to find a festive celebration of Carnival is Galveston, Texas. Galveston is the home of the third-largest Mardi Gras in our country. It is a favorite among Texans though there are also Carnivals in Dallas, Port Arthur, and several other cities.  Port Arthur boasts of a family-oriented celebration.

Galveston offers a different kind of Carnival—one on the beach!  There are live concerts, parades, masked balls, pet parades, children’s parades, and the Shriners’ Hospital Parade. There are some Hispanic cultural heritage parades, live entertainers, with vendors and parties called Fiesta Gras.

This is a definite must-do for anyone who enjoys Carnival, Mardi Gras, and Fasching!